The Atlanta Center for Adult ADHD provides expert diagnosis and treatment of Adult ADHD. The Center is located in suburban North Atlanta in Roswell, Georgia in a beautiful, new office convenient to the entire metro area.

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FDA Approved Medications for Adult ADHD


Mixed amphetamine salts extended release

Typical Starting Dose: 10mg once a day

Duration of action is approximately 8-10 hours. Half of the beads in the capsule are released immediately. The other half of the beads are coated with a polymer that dissolves in the intestine where absorption is prolonged.


OROS methylphenidate

Typical Starting Dose: 18-36mg once a day

Duration: 12 hours. Medication is released through an osmotic pump mechanism producing an initial peak at 1 hour when 20% of the dose is released, followed by a gradual release over 9 hours.



Typical Starting Dose: 40mg/day for three days then 80 mg

Duration: 24 hours. This medication usually takes 4-6 weeks for full effect.



Typical Starting Dose: 30mg once a day

Duration: 10-12 hours. Up to 13 hours in some patients. Lisdexamfetamine is a prodrug of dextroamphetamine. The prodrug is inactive and is hydrolyzed in the blood and liver to dextroamphetamine and lysine. This enables a much longer duration of action.

Focalin XR

Dexmethylphenidate extended release

Typical Starting Dose: 5mg once a day

Duration: 10-12 hours. The capsule is designed with a technology to produce drug release over a period up to 12 hours with a initial peak at approximately 1.5 hours and a second peak at 6.5 hours.