The Atlanta Center for Adult ADHD provides expert diagnosis and treatment of Adult ADHD. The Center is located in suburban North Atlanta in Roswell, Georgia in a beautiful, new office convenient to the entire metro area.

902 Bombay Lane, Roswell, Ga 30076
Telephone: (770) 753-9898

Frequently Asked Questions

What age patients do you treat?
Age 17 and older.

How do you diagnose ADHD?
At the Atlanta Center for Adult ADHD, we review the special ADHD questionnaires you complete and conduct a clinical interview during which time we review your symptoms, both as a child and as an adult. We also utilize the Quotient ADHD Testing Symptom to help clarify your diagnosis.

If I have ADHD, will I be prescribed medication by your office?
Usually patients can be placed on a prescription medication to help control their ADHD symptoms. In cases in which there are underlying health issues, it may be necessary to be cleared by an internist or cardiologist first. If there are significant psychiatric or substance abuse issues, it may be necessary to have these addressed before initiating treatment.

Can I help choose which medication to start with?
Yes- At the Atlanta Center for Adult ADHD, we find that a collaborative approach to treatment is always the best and you will be given every opportunity to make suggestions, give input and provide feedback on your medical care.

Are ADHD medications safe?
For most healthy adults, the FDA approved medications for ADHD, including stimulants, are exceptionally safe and well-tolerated. Before prescribing any medication, we will make sure you are a suitable candidate and will advise you of any potential side effects and drug interactions.

Will I become addicted to stimulants?
Used as prescribed, it is rare for anyone with ADHD to become physically dependent on stimulants medications. Still, we prefer to use long acting formulations to make it less likely there will be a rebound symptoms as the medication wears off.

How long do I have to stay on medication?
Since Adult ADHD is typically a life-long condition, patients will normally stay on medications as long as they are safely and comfortably tolerated. However, it is possible to take breaks or “drug holidays,” especially during times when your ADHD might not be as bothersome, such as on vacations.

How often do I return to the office?
Until the most effective medication and dose are determined, we will usually ask that you return to the office every week or two to review improvement. Possible side effects that you might have experienced are also discussed. When you are satisfied with your medication and dosage, visits can usually be extended to every couple of months.

Should I go to an ADHD counselor or coach?
While optional, we often recommend that patients visit a counselor trained and experienced in ADHD and can assist you in choosing a highly qualified professional. Many patients find that as their concentration and organizational abilities improve with medication, they can manage their lives effectively without ongoing counseling. With our without counseling, it is always a good idea to “read up” on ADHD self-management tips to make your life easier and more productive.